The entire world has developed with the help of modern technology. With the blessing of science we have had so many things which make our life easy as well as comfortable. We are owe to the advance technology. In the footage you guys have noticed the robotic car in the form of car shape. This will be easier to the users to perform his or,her work in the work place as because such robotic cars also can perform the work as human. In addition,in the footage you guys will notice that Real life Transformers car changes from sporty BMW into a robot and then starts chatting away. Besides,A real-life Transformer car has been invented by engineers and it is a chatterbox just like playful Bumblebee. Moreover,The video shows the full conversion of a sporty red BMW into a life size robot as its side panels come out and the chassis lifts up on legs. Standing tall, the cars head emerges, as it whirs like Prime and towers like the fearsome Deception. The amazing BMW is a working prototype and at this stage remote controlled in essence a giant toy. Anyway,guys i think you will feel better of this video,if it is please share this among your friends and families so that they can watch this amazing footage and can have a notion of such amazing robotic cars!