We hear taking place of natural calamities in many parts of the world. These disasters strikes with the heavy wind along with incessant rain which last long most often. Because of it a lot of people are harmed. not only people but also animals, house and other things suffer a great loss. Here in this are footage we could see that this guy made a dame to protect his house.
The system he adopted is really awesome and there are very few people who can rack out their brain to make such kind of extraordinary dam ever. How much his discovery is remarkable to be realized when this invention of him turned a news. This invention is regarded to be made ever. You could see in this footage that the guy built a dam all around of his house. Flood damage is devastating and forces many into permanent relocation.

The dam is inflatable and it will not damage easily. The house show that it looks like an island surrounded by a giant snake. You could see in this footage that The murky waters, which rose above 2 feet around the AquaDam, stayed put. This kind of discovery actually worthy of being praised. Thus, guys if you like this footage then you can share this footage among your friends, family, Facebook and twitter.