Mobiles are the most easiest ways  to be one with others. We can contact with anybody as farther as they stay in the world and even because of being made the device of taking it has been possible to contact with astronauts. Such being this case the tower play a very important role. Here in this raw footage we could see that six signs have to recognize original Samsung s6.

The magnates that are having been attached in the towers are the most factors through which we can contact with each other via mobile phones. What you have to look into about Samsung whether it is real or fake are at first in case of packaging, take a close look at the package and paying attention to the print quality. The front should be legible and consistent everywhere. Secondly,  All important information about the device must be there in the language of the country of purchase. If it’s written in some other language and you can’t read it, then it’s either a smuggled device or a brand copycat. Thirdly, in case of material the plastic covering must be smooth, without seams or other imperfections. A closer look at a fake easily uncovers cheap plastic with matte shades and irregular surfaces.

In case of the fonts what you should look for are It’s always made so as not to be tampered with even after years of use, the logo will be easily recognizable and It’s often the case with fakes that they lack the name of the manufacturer or they have it somehow wrong. Fourthly, you need to check up the charger. you should keep it in mind that brands are responsible for your safety when using their gadgets. That’s why originals always have neat metal tips and quality insulation and finishes. Fifthly, in case of wires and plugs In the original, a plugged-in cable will sit firmly and evenly, while in a fake you’ll see incorrect angles and loose parts. Sometimes the length of a plug doesn’t coincide with the depth of the socket. Thus, guys if you like this footage then you can share this footage among your friends, family, Facebook and twitter.