Rumor goes on that there are witches in the world but how far this speech is true has no much more proved dope. But it is hard that often people come across witch in various parts of the world. Here in this legible footage we could see that Indian woman is stripped woman is naked and has her eyes gouged out before being beaten to death and incinerated by her family after they accuse her of being a witch.

Humans is not human any longer when they can kill a woman in such a very pejorative and heartlessly way. They are become more inferior than a beast.  she was subjected to horrific abuse, which is said to have included her being stripped off her clothes, forced to eat faeces and burned on a firepit, before having her eyes gouged out with burning embers and a hot rod.

According to report her husband recently passed away and since her son is a minor, her husband’s relatives conspired to get rid of her and grab her land. this is really of so harrowing and not surprisingly that how people can be so ruthless. Thus, guys if you like this footage then you can share this footage among your friends, family, Facebook and twitter.